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Shawn Tahririha

Shawn Tahririha

President & CEO | Broker of Record

Shawn Tahririha leads one of the city’s most dynamic, rapidly growing real estate teams whose presence in recent years has become a fixture in Toronto, North York and York Region. Shawn does not consider himself to be in the business of buying and selling real estate. Instead, he thinks of himself as a “lifestyle advisor.” When meeting with new clients, his first questions are not about their desired number of beds or baths, instead, he asks a series of personal questions so that he can promptly discern, with an almost uncanny ability, the precise neighbourhood and style of home that would best suit both their current needs, as well as their future aspirations. In essence, this is precisely what sets Shawn and his team apart from the competition: rather than merely facilitating buys and sells, Shaheen & Company is a relationship-focused, people-centric business.
A serial entrepreneur, Shawn’s ambition and drive were evident from childhood. At his earliest opportunity, he harnessed that industriousness and directed it toward a remarkably successful career in sales. During that period, he developed a diverse portfolio of business experience while rising the ranks across a variety of industries and further honing his already innate interpersonal skills. The common denominators, regardless of the role or sector, were always his determination to succeed and his irrepressible pursuit of excellence. Ultimately, he landed in the business of mortgage sales and soon fell in love with the broader subject of real estate. 
It was a natural fit and one that allowed him to continue aiming to achieve new heights in business, while also indulging in his passion for working with people. Rather than being solely focussed on closing deals, Shawn discovered that his greatest satisfaction came from making a difference in the lives of others. In the 15-plus years since, Shawn has continued to do just that by transferring that original drive and ambition into achieving optimal results for his clients and their families, time and time again. 
When asked about his impressive accomplishments in business, Shawn does not hesitate before assuredly answering “mentorship.” He credits his achievements, both personal and professional, to being granted the opportunity to observe and learn from others whom he admires, and he is now committed to paying that forward by mentoring others. In fact, mentorship serves as one of the fundamental pillars of Shaheen & Company. “Not only does it set the tone for success,” Shawn explains, “but by showing others what is possible and how to get there, everybody wins.” 
In addition to mentoring others, Shawn is committed to giving back through charity and volunteer work as a means of expressing gratitude. As part of his ongoing work with the Rotary Club International, he is sponsoring a school in Tanzania. Under his and his partners’ stewardship, the school has been fitted with plumbing, teacher accommodations, and meal plans for all students. He looks forward to continuing this support for years to come.
Shawn is a proud first-generation Canadian. He was born in Edmonton, has lived in three different provinces, and, for the past several years, he has called Toronto home. He considers himself lucky to live where he does and his enthusiasm for the city is contagious. He has studied Toronto’s streets and neighbourhoods to such a degree that they are permanently imprinted in his mind, and he regularly calls upon this bank of knowledge.
He especially loves his own home base of Lawrence Park and marvels at the fact that he can access some of the most enviable nature trails and bike paths just steps from his midtown residence. He takes full advantage of Toronto’s green space, and its world-renowned dining, entertainment, and amenities. When he isn’t fully ensconced in the latest business news, or skillfully negotiating on behalf of a client, he can be found dining at some of the city’s most celebrated restaurants.
Is seems fitting that Shawn Tahririha’s given name, Shaheen, means eagle or falcon, as he will no doubt continue to soar to new heights, taking his friends, colleagues, and clients with him along the way. 

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